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Since 2008, Skillful Communications has been the recognized leader in the world of interviewing (through its live interview coaching and flagship Big Interview products).

Conquer your nerves and earn your residency spot by using Big Interview – the only interview training site taught by an actual expert, Pamela Skillings. Whether this is your one shot to match with your dream program, or you’re tired of going on dozens of interviews but never matching, you know that simply googling “residency interview tips” won’t really help you.

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It’s tough to stand out and land a position in a competitive residency program. Hundreds of applications are sent out by hopeful candidates, and program directors rely more than ever on interviews to help them find the right fit.

Developed with Top Interview Coach Pamela Skillings

Pamela and her team developed Big Interview based on the proven training techniques that have worked for Pamela’s thousands of one-on-one clients. Each day, Pamela works with individuals to land their dream positions. Her clients range from college students to chiefs of surgery.

She is a certified career coach and an adjunct professor at New York University, where she teaches in the graduate and continuing education programs for human resources professionals and career coaches and counselors.

A Unique, Expert Perspective on Interviewing

Skillful Communications also works with companies to consult on training, development, recruiting, retention, and communications issues. Clients include American Express, the American Management Association, Citigroup, the City of New York, Ernst & Young, and others.

Through her work with both candidates and companies, Pamela can offer a 360-degree perspective on the selection process and best practices on both sides of the interview. She also has more than 15 years of marketing and communications experience, a background that allows her to apply marketing principles to help her clients “sell” themselves for any job or opportunity.

Pamela Skillings

Co-founder & Chief Coach

Skillful Communications co-founder Pamela Skillings is a top interview coach and career development specialist.

Before launching Skillful in early 2005, Pamela spent 12 years as a senior human resources and marketing executive for prominent corporations including Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and MasterCard International.

Pamela is also a career expert who has been featured by media outlets including The New York Times, Newsweek, CNN, ABC News, Forbes, and others. She is the author of the popular career book Escape from Corporate America: A Practical Guide to Creating the Career of Your Dreams (Random House, 2008) and a frequent speaker on career issues.

Pamela’s formal training in career development and coaching is through New York University, the Professional Association for Resume Writers and Career Coaches, and the International Coach Federation. She is a certified career coach and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator practitioner.

Alex Andrei

Co-founder & COO

Alex Andrei is a co-founder of Skillful Communications, and is responsible for the firm’s operations, business development and strategic planning. He is also currently a faculty member at the American Management Association.

Prior to Skillful, Alex spent more than 12 years at top commercial real estate firms including Cushman & Wakefield and Murray Hill Properties.

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