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A Residency Course + A Powerful A.I. Practice Tool

When preparing for a residency interview, it’s not enough to just read advice you need to put that advice into practice!

Master your interview skills

Learn the key skills to successfully pass residency interviews with our proven step-by-step approach.

Practice makes perfect

Practice with AI can catch things that simply reading advice will miss – things like body language, eye contact, and verbal tics.

Improve your weak spots

Every piece of advice and each practice session will get you closer to your goal of landing that residency by being able to answer every question like a pro.

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From learning interview fundamentals, to avoiding common mistakes, and learning how to answer even the toughest questions, our full video curriculum leads you through every step of the residency interviewing process.

Here you’ll grow in confidence and learn up-to-date strategies you won’t find anywhere else.

Prepare Your Answers With Our Unique Answer Builder

Our Answer Builder walks you through how to construct answers that brilliantly display your most powerful skills and accomplishments without rambling or raising red flags.

Practice Your Skills With Our Mock Interview Tool

Simulate a live interview customized to your industry and experience level. You’ll have as many chances as you need to get it right. Save your answers for self-evaluation or send to a trusted mentor for feedback.

Understand Your Weakspots With AI Feedback

Our practice interviews are specific, customizable, and always available.

Get a well-rounded view of the type of questions to expect during your residency interview, and practice answering them all.

Whether they’re behavioral/competency-based questions, or questions specific to your speciality, we’ve got you covered. Practice makes perfect!

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One-time payment for the whole season.

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